Dark Side Of The Ring Creators Comment On Interviewing WWE Lawyer Jerry McDevitt

"It is kind of miraculous that we have him for the show."

Evan Husney and Jason Eisner, the creators of Dark Side Of The Ring, have opened up on their experience interviewing WWE lawyer Jerry McDevitt. 

One of the topics covered in Season Three, which started on Vice TV last week, is the WWF steroid trial from the mid-90s which saw the federal government bring Vince McMahon to court.

Long-time WWE lawyer McDevitt has granted a rare interview to Dark Side Of The Ring on the topic.

They told Talk Is Jericho: "Jerry's a great guy. First off, and it is kind of miraculous that we have him for the show, and man, we thank him for that. Because, first and foremost, the steroid trial is probably one of the more significant out of the ring events of the 90s in wrestling. It's always been on our radar since we actually tried to make it for season one. But you know, there was just we couldn't get people to talk to us for it and again, the fans of our show, the viewers of our show, really want to see it.

"So we tried again to put it together for season three and there I don't think that there was a way for us to tell this story legitimately, without someone like Jerry McDevitt to kind of build it around and that's what we've done with this episode. 

"Because this is a masterclass of Jerry McDevitt as an incredible, unbelievable attorney. That's what this is, you know, even though you look in the, when you look into the weeds of the story, you see that the prosecution's case against Vince McMahon was pretty thin, but still, McDevitt is, you know, annihilates in this trial, and I think that has a lot to do with why you know, from the WWE perspective, that it's okay to tell the story because they came out on top, you know, they won and they are the babyfaces of this story, you know, and a lot of ways and it was just it was awesome."

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