DDP: AEW Are Real Competition For WWE

“I never thought that would be possible again.”

With rising viewership numbers, an upcoming second weekly television show, and high levels of anticipation regarding their live schedule and potential new signings, AEW are currently on a roll.

Now, after ‘victory’ in the Wednesday Night Wars, some fans are whispering about whether AEW could be viable competition for WWE, and WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page thinks they already are.

Talking on Foundation Radio, DDP said:

"All of a sudden, it looks like AEW is not just another wrestling organisation. They have risen to the level of like real competition for WWE and I never thought that would be possible again. But the heart and soul, that guy Tony Khan, who owns that company - first of all, he's the most amazing cat, like you would never know in a billion years that he's a billionaire because he's a regular dude who loves wrestling and appreciates it for what it is. One of his dreams is to have his own wrestling organisation. Now he's got it and it's not just a wrestling organisation. I know they just sold tickets for Chicago, and it was a number of shows like three nights in a row. They all sold out. I would say it's about ten, eleven thousand people, and then they got the United Center. They're doing a new show now. I think it's called Rampage. They sold out the United Center in 30 minutes. You can't tell me they ain't the real deal. WWE's tickets aren't selling like that."

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