Deonna Purrazzo Wishes She Had Wrestled At All In

She was originally booked for the card...

Recently-released NXT performer Deonna Purrazzo spoke candidly with Fightful's Sean Ross Sapp about her joining with WWE in 2018, and how that meant giving up working the All In pay-per-view that August.

Purrazzo was originally booked for All In, scheduled to work with Tessa Blanchard and Chelsea Green, but a conversation with WWE's Senior Director of Talent Development Canyon Ceman during WrestleMania weekend changed that.

"It was the WrestleMania in New Orleans and SHIMMER had their all women’s show and that was the day that Canyon Ceman approached me and had said, “Hey, we’d really like to hire you,” Purrazzo claims. I was like, “Well, you can’t, because I’m employed at Ring of Honor.” He was like, “Well, I thought we had discussed taking a short term contract.” I said, “We didn’t discuss anything. That is not your choice. I do have a six month opt-out, but I don’t know if that’s something I’m willing to do right now.” He put it very frank, “This is your opportunity and I don’t know if this is going to be available in a year.'"

Purrazzo admits that she wanted to try and fulfill her All In commitment, as well as a few more ROH dates, but adds, "Actually, it was put to me, now that I’m talking about it, “Well, if you do All-In, that’s six weeks of pay and six weeks of TV you’re being held off of.” I was like, “Okay, well, they must have something for me that they want to do with me. Obviously they didn’t."

Purrazzo admitted in her chat with Sapp that she should have worked All In, adding, "But, hindsight is so 20/20. I would have never felt that way had my WWE tenure not ended up this way, you know? That’s just life. You have to pick and choose what you think is best for you. Unfortunately maybe going to WWE at that time and being part of NXT then wasn’t what was best for me. But, who would have known it would have turn out this way?"

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