Dominik Mysterio Reveals He Planned To Work On The Independent Scene

Dominik Mysterio nearly wrestled on the independent scene before WWE signature

Dominik Mysterio has been a shining light on WWE programming, gaining plaudits over the last year due to his work in the Judgment Day faction. Mysterio was a rare case of someone who bypassed WWE’s developmental brand, and instead rose directly to the main roster. This wasn’t always the plan though, as Mysterio has revealed in an interview with G-Moniy that he originally planned to try out the independent scene. 

"Originally, we had plans for me to go independently and had a scheduled debut independently and go through the whole process of doing indie wrestling and hopefully get a tryout with WWE, but I was very blessed and very fortunate to be in the position I'm in and be given these opportunities. Living up to the Mysterio name, there is definitely some pressure that comes with it, but I'm out there having fun and doing what I can. I can't get too caught up on the pressure and having to live up to the name because he's done so much for the business and the Mysterio name, taking from Mexico, my uncle Rey Mysterio Sr. to making Rey Mysterio a worldwide name. Being able to take Dominik Mysterio and continue the legacy is a blessing. I'm very happy to be a part of it, and hopefully, I continue to do the name justice and slowly start erasing the name Rey Mysterio and keeping Dom Mysterio.”

As mentioned, it isn’t too bad when you have a father named Rey Mysterio, though even with this factor helping towards him getting signed with the promotion, he has been proving each week that he can hold his own in as WWE ring. 

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Written by Andrew Kelly