Doudrop Thought Eva Marie Had Retired When Told About WWE Pairing

Doudrop partnered with Eva Marie in June

Doudrop has admitted she thought Eva Marie had retired from wrestling when told they would be pairing together on WWE Raw.

The former Piper Niven was introduced to the WWE Universe in June as the protégée of Eva Marie, with the duo separating at SummerSlam in August.

Having been initially given the call about a move to the WWE main roster in March, it wasn't until June that Doudrop was told of the plans, pairing with someone she thought had retired.

Speaking to Give Me Sport, Doudrop said: "I found I was going to be on main roster. I think it was something I think it was March 1 I got the phone call. And it was a really, really quick turnaround like I was I found out March 1, and then I was on the plane to America, maybe March 20. It was super fast.

"But I actually didn't end up on main roster for quite a few months, just because of getting things ready and obviously working with Eva and like things had to coincide. So it took a while but like because of COVID and stuff like that I was going to happy just to get to regular training. That was fine for me.

"But I didn't actually know that me and Eva would be working together until the week before my debut and I remember getting the call. Yeah, I got the call and they're like 'you are going to be working with Eva Marie', and I was like 'What? I thought she retired.'

"It was extremely secretive, like for months I had no idea. I was left purely to guess and speculate. They really like to keep all their cards close to the chest, and I understand why because sometimes things don't work out, and they don't want you to get excited and then things change... Like at one point I was like 'you guys know I'm here yeah?'"

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