Doudrop: Vince McMahon Absolutely Loves It When I Kill People On WWE Raw

Doudrop is loving life on the main roster

Doudrop has described her first meeting with Vince McMahon, revealing how the WWE Chairman enjoyed her description of her wrestling style.

Doudrop, previously known as Piper Niven, was called straight up to the WWE main roster with Monday Night Raw from NXT UK earlier this year, with McMahon reportedly very high on her character. 

The Scottish wrestler has now confirmed that McMahon is enjoying her work, saying the boss seems to really enjoy it when 'I kill people'.

Talking to Metro, Doudrop said: "I met him on the first day that I got to Raw and I was super scared because obviously I’ve been a wrestling fan for the majority of my life. 

"He was super cool, he just said, ‘Welcome to Raw, so glad that you could come over, we’re gonna have a lot fun with your character.’ I was like, ‘Oh good, I like to have fun, I consider myself a professional play fighter’, and he was just [laughing and applauding] … So that was a really cool experience!

"He’s always super happy with me when I come back and seems to absolutely love it when I kill people, so I’m just gonna keep doing that!"

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