Drew McIntyre "Feels Bad" For Everyone That Has To Follow He And Bobby Lashley At WrestleMania 37

The WWE title match kicks off night one

WWE confirmed on Friday that the match pitting WWE champion Bobby Lashley against Drew McIntyre will open night one of WrestleMania 37. McIntyre had previously stated that he would be fine either opening or closing that portion of the show, giving the pros of each scenario.

On the eve of his battle with Lashley, McIntyre tweeted, "I’ve said for the last year I want to be the first person out when crowds return. I can’t wait for that noise to hit. I just feel bad for everyone having to follow me and Bobby, we’ll set the standard, you all try and keep up."

If McIntyre wins, it will be his third WWE championship win, but the first to occur in front of a live crowd. McIntyre's victory over champion Brock Lesnar a year ago at WrestleMania was confined to a mostly-empty Performance Center, with no crowd to share the moment.

This will mark the first time that the WWE championship is defended in the opening match of a WrestleMania. Previously, the World Heavyweight and Universal titles were defended in the openers of WrestleManias 27, 28, and 35.

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