Edge Describes Rey Mysterio As 'A Living Legend' In WWE

The duo won the SmackDown Tag Team Titles 19 years ago

Edge has heaped praise on Rey Mysterio, describing the WWE Superstar as 'a living legend'.

Edge enjoyed periods in his career where he teamed with Mysterio - winning the SmackDown Tag Team Titles in 2002 - and also feuding with the Master Of The 619 over the World Heavyweight Championship.

Having shared the ring with him so much, Edge knows just how good Mysterio is, and doesn't think the man gets the credit he deserves.

Speaking with Kurt Angle on his podcast - The Kurt Angle Show - Edge said: "Rey Mysterio, I mean, he gets credit, but it’s still not the credit he deserves. It really isn’t. I think because he has been so consistent for so long that he has not appreciated to his full extent.

"I don’t know if he will be fully appreciated until he retires, and I think that’s where people will realize. When there is no Rey Mysterio on the show, but wait, ‘We need Rey.’ And I think as a writer, as a company, as a fan, and as a colleague, although colleagues and peers appreciate him more than anyone else because they truly fully grasp and understand it. 

"That dude, for his style and what he has done, to still even be in there, let alone at the level he performs at – he just did a Hell in a Cell with Roman Reigns. I mean, the guy is – the term legend is thrown around a lot. The dude is a legend. He is a living legend, and one day, people will fully, fully latch onto exactly how special Rey Mysterio is. 

"Think about all of the obstacles and hurdles that he has knocked down. And how he changed an industry because, without him, I don’t think Daniel Bryan breaks through. You know what I mean? And a lot of talents like that. I think Rey Mysterio is the reason that could happen. He proved it could work and that people would buy it and pay to see it."

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