Edge's 5 Best WWE WrestleMania Moments

Will The Rated R Superstar's upcoming match with Randy Orton give us a moment or two to rank alongside these?

4. Winning Money In The Bank (WrestleMania 21)


At first glance, the inaugural Money in the Bank ladder match kinda felt like a way to just shoehorn six wrestlers without feuds onto WrestleMania somehow. While that's partially true, the end result was arguably the greatest briefcase-based Ladder Match ever, with some truly inventive moments (like Shelton Benjamin's hands-free ladder ascent).

But it was Edge who ended up with the briefcase, seizing the moment after cracking Chris Benoit's injured arm with a steel chair. 

With the victory came the transmogrification into the "Rated R Superstar", the opportunistic villain that took advantage of any sign of weakness in his rivals, exploiting them for championship glory. Nine months later, Edge finally reached WWE's summit.

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