Edge's 5 Best WWE WrestleMania Moments

Will The Rated R Superstar's upcoming match with Randy Orton give us a moment or two to rank alongside these?

3. Getting To The Main Event (WrestleMania 24)


Between 1985 and 2007, 28 different men had worked the final match of WrestleMania, a fair number of them for their first and only time. As it stands today, Edge himself has only gotten to go on last once in WrestleMania, but for the skinny kid from Toronto that watched Hogan vs. Warrior at the SkyDome up close, once was a dream plenty realised.

He defended the World Heavyweight title against a previous headliner in The Undertaker, becoming the 16th notch of the increasingly-impressive WrestleMania Streak, after submitting to the Hell's Gate of the "Deadman". Not a bad thing to have on your resume at all.

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