Ember Moon Comments On WWE Release

Moon was released in November 2021

WWE’s mass talent releases in 2021 contained some surprising names, such as former NXT Women’s Champion Ember Moon.

Released in November 2021, Moon’s 90-day no compete clause expired earlier this week, and before she re-enters the squared circle, Moon - now known as Athena - commented on her WWE release on her Twitch channel:

"Without WWE, I wouldn't be were I'm at today,” started Athena. “I got to travel the world, meet amazing people and make amazing friends that are going to be with me for a lifetime. At the end of the day, I don't think it's all bad. Every time I look at the negatives, and there were plenty, trust me, the positives outweigh that. There is no use in being mad.

"I feel very sorry for my friends that did get let go too early. What I mean by that is those men and women that never got an opportunity to showcase themselves on the level that I know they can showcase themselves. That's part of the reason why I feel like it's not fair for me to come on here and bitch and moan and whine. It's not fair. Where I had the opportunity to wrestle on Raw, SmackDown, and NXT and became a champion and did a lot with my career, it's not fair when those of my friends barely got started.”

Athena was asked if she learned anything during her 90 day no compete period, first admitting that “patience is a virtue” before adding, ”I felt like a lot of self-reflection about what I could have done differently. I feel like I wouldn't have changed anything. I felt for some time I was just stagnant and there was no opportunity to grow at times."

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