Enzo Amore Responds To Accuser Via Controversial Rap Video

The former WWE Superstar continues to court controversy.

Eric Arndt - formerly known as WWE Superstar Enzo Amore - announced his return to the public eye with a controversial hip hop track and video entitled 'Phoenix'.

Arndt, rapping under the moniker 'Real1', included various lyrics referencing the woman who accused him of rape earlier this year. The case was later thrown out due to a lack of evidence, but led to Arndt's release from WWE - reportedly for failing to report the accusation to his employers.

The track was released yesterday via the YouTube channel of popular, long-established video website WorldStarHipHop. It has already been widely criticised online, not just for the controversial nature and tactless exploration of its subject matter, but also for the musical quality of the song itself. Some, however, have praised the track - and several fans came to meet Arndt in New York City at a hastily-organised public event announced via his own social media

Some of the more direct references to Arndt's accusation include:

'Middle finger to the sky, gripping my consensual penis,
Lying-ass hoe out in Phoenix.'

'I ain't got a buck to borrow,
Lawyered up and wipe me down, see you at the civil trial,
B****, them wages getting garnished,
B****, them wages getting garnished,
For my image that you tarnished.'

'Gender persecution hurts the #MeToo movement and our women's revolution
The **** you doing?
All of you that's ever been abused, you scream me too,
I stand by you,
But for the wrongfully accused, justice long overdue.'

A link to the video can be found below:


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