Eric Bischoff Comments On Nitro-Inspired AEW Collision Logo

Eric Bischoff criticises AEW after talking about new Collision logo

The debut of AEW Collision was announced over the last week, and with it came the reveal for the brand-new logo of the show. ‘Brand-new’ may be a stretch in truth, as the Collision logo is largely inspired by the WCW Monday Nitro logo - just slightly polished and updated to look a little more modern. Eric Bischoff gave his take on the Strictly Business podcast when it comes to AEW taking a large nod towards his former affiliated promotion. 

Bischoff gave a lighter comment at first, stating, "the truth is like it put a smile on my face and I guess imitation is a sincere form of flattery."

However, Bischoff did delve into how AEW can’t compete with or be different to WWE, even with this Nitro-inspired new show. 

"There's not a creative strategy that would allow AEW to execute on the mission of being different than WWE. They may have more blood, [but] that's about the only thing I can think of that really distinguishes in a meaningful way... You want to really evolve the product, whether it be in the format, how the show was shot, the way promos are treated, the way stories are told, [or] production values. All of those things have to fit together, but at the core of that there has to be a vision that says this is what's going to make us stand out and this is why we're different and I just don't see it."

AEW Collision is set to debut on June 17, though the location of this event has yet to be officially announced due to CM Punk’s status allegedly being up in the air.

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Written by Andrew Kelly