Eric Bischoff Reveals Why WCW Fired Triple H

Eric Bischoff explains why WCW let Triple H go

For all the big name talents that World Championship Wrestling signed during their run atop of the wrestling world in the mid-to-late 90s, it was the release of several stars that ultimately came to haunt them, with the likes of Steve Austin and Mick Foley heading to the then WWF to help kickstart their fight back against WCW.

Another name let go by WCW was Jean Paul Levesque, who would ultimately sign with WWE as Hunter Hearst Helmsley, before going on to have multiple reigns as WWE Champion as Triple H, before taking over company creative on a full-time basis in 2023.

During a conversation with Inside the Ropes, former WCW President Eric Bischoff was asked why he let Levesque go, with Bischoff saying the following:

"Triple H. He was just starting out. He was good, but there's nobody that's going to be honest about it that could go back and look at Triple H in 1993 and go 'Oh, he's gonna be a star.' He married the boss's daughter. It is what it is folks. This isn't gonna do me any good. I think Paul Levesque, Triple H, he's a student, he really is a student of the game. He is a great performer, but he's never been a Rock, he’s never been an Austin, he’s never been a Cena. He's been a great utility player at a certain level. He's been around forever but he's never been a superstar.

“In 1993 I don't believe anybody that's really being honest can say 'Yeah, when I saw him in 1993, I knew he was going to be a big star.' He just worked hard, he studied, he did the right things. He doesn't drink, he doesn't do drugs, he just studies professional wrestling. He worked his way up to a point where he was able to break through because he was so consistent. He was so good and so consistent, but he was never great,” said Bischoff.

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