Erick Redbeard Says The Bludgeon Brothers Were Originally Pitched Karrion Kross' New WWE Ring Gear

Kross' new look has created debate online

The former Erick Rowan says he and Luke Harper were originally pitched the costume that Karrion Kross is now wearing in WWE.

Since permanently joining the WWE main roster, Kross has donned a gladiator-style helmet and leather straps to the ring, which has created a lot of debate among fans on social media. 

The former NXT Champion's unique ring-gear was almost seen four years earlier, according to Erick Redbeard, who says the attire was pitched to him and Brodie Lee when they were repackaged as the Bludgeon Brothers in 2017.

Speaking to Steven Goforth on the Chairshots to the Cranium podcast, Redbeard said: "I remember the first pitch meeting for it. They showed us pictures of what they wanted The Bludgeon Brothers to look like. I think it’s almost exactly what Karrion Kross is wearing right now. It’s the Demolition leather straps that look like suspenders while you wrestle.

"We both looked at each other like, ‘No…’ I think that’s when I had a few friends design some things."

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