Exclusive: Alexander Wolfe Reveals His Post-WWE Plans

What's next for Axel Tischer?

Axel Tischer's (FKA Alexander Wolfe) WWE run will soon be over, but The Axe Man is looking forward to the future. 

Tischer was told by WWE last week that his contract wouldn't be renewed in June and he was written out of NXT after a beatdown from fellow Imperium members Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner. 

Now, Tischer is looking ahead to his post-WWE career and he revealed on Tom Campbell's Desert Island Graps that he is planning to return to Germany and wrestle in Europe for the time being. 

"We'll see what comes up. We'll see what comes on the table, if anything comes on the table. But for me right now, my plan B is just to go home and just go back into the German wrestling scene and get that hype up again," The Axe Man said. "Because I feel like in the last years when the majority of the bigger talent like WALTER etc. has just left, the quality of it just decreased as well." 

While losing your job would be daunting for many, Tischer is looking forward to the freedom of putting together his own schedule and reconnecting with independent wrestling fans. 

"It's super exciting," Tischer continued. "Because again, I left Germany in 2015 and then in 2016 this independent wrestling boom came. So I never had the experience of, for example, working PROGRESS. I never had the experience of working one of the other shows or ICW or one of the bigger shows that draw all the people in. I want to be a part of that as well. I want to make my name now known on the independent circuit. 

"I have built up a brand for six years in WWE. That's good but I want to build up myself like a brand on the indie circuit as well. You have so many great talents still out there that are not signed under contract, and just work with them and perform in front of all the people who want to come there. You can connect with them again, even through the merch table. Maybe through the shows, whatever. And that experience, I want to have this back in the way of I'm free to work whatever I want, whoever I want. I want to make my own schedule. I'm free as a bird so let's see what you can do with that," he added.   

Check out Tom's full chat with Axel Tischer below: 

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