EXCLUSIVE: Anthony Ogogo Admits To Getting Frustrated In AEW

Anthony Ogogo is just waiting for his opportunity in AEW

While Anthony Ogogo has been under contract with All Elite Wrestling for three years, signing with the promotion in October 2019 as a developmental talent, the Olympic bronze medallist has only made sporadic appearances on Dynamite and he hasn't competed on TV since June of 2021. 

Ogogo has had 18 matches on AEW's YouTube shows since then but he hasn't competed in the promotion at all since August. 

Speaking about his AEW status on Desert Island Graps ahead of his upcoming match at PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 146: They Think It's All Over, Ogogo admitted he does get frustrated in AEW, pointing out that Luigi Primo had more time on TV this year than he has. 

"I got, not told off but I did a tweet recently, I haven't been featured much in AEW for a while, while we figure things out. Not on TV, I've been doing Dark: Elevation, gaining experience, getting better, and honing my craft. I trust the boss implicitly, Tony Khan is an absolute genius, like QT. Then you've got Sonjay Dutt who's unbelievable, Pat Buck who's great, Tony Schiavone who's really really good. The Bucks and Kenny. In AEW management you've got just geniuses all around the place. It's great how they all work together as well led by Tony Khan, he's a genuine phenomenal human being. QT's my coach so QT and Tony Khan, I trust that they're going to bring me through at the right time and I'll get the chance when it's the right time for my development and my career," Ogogo began.

"But I do get frustrated because I am away from my family a lot. I'm in a country that I don't particularly like being in, working hard for this dream and I want to get the chance. And I got frustrated recently because the pizza guy [Luigi Primo] was on TV and I put out the little tweet. Half joking, half being serious, this pizza guy, who's not Shawn Michaels in the ring put it that way, he's had more time on AEW TV this year than I've had and it p*ssed me off because it's meant to be a sports-based product. I get it, I understand what they're doing, but I just want to wrestle. I just want to get good. He got kicked in the face in like three seconds, I don't want that spot. Of course I don't want that spot, but I just want to be on TV and show people how hard I'm working and how good I can be."

Following a win over Cody Rhodes in tag team action in June 2021, Ogogo disappeared from AEW TV, announcing that he required eye surgery. The former boxer revealed to Cultaholic that he also had to return to the UK as his passport had expired. Issues arose, though, after his passport was stolen while in transit to be renewed. This prevented him from travelling back to the United States as he required a new visa and by the time it was sorted in September 2021, the promotion had signed Bryan Danielson and CM Punk. Cody Rhodes then left in February 2022, ending any hope Ogogo might have had of continuing his feud with The American Nightmare. 

Ogogo added: "Everything just changed and with me, I'm such a unique talent that it's hard to know what to do with me I think."

While he waits for an opportunity on AEW TV, Ogogo continues to perform on the independent scene in the United States and the UK. He is currently on an extended run with PROGRESS Wrestling and he will team with Adebayo Akinfenwa against Malik and Kosta at the promotion's Chapter 146 show on Sunday, November 27. Get tickets for the event here.

Check out Anthony Ogogo’s full episode of Desert Island Graps here.

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