EXCLUSIVE: Big E Would Rather Face His Chicken Phobia Than Wrestle The New Day

Big E speaks exclusively to Cultaholic's Tom Campbell

Big E has revealed he would rather face his phobia of chickens than have to wrestle his New Day brothers Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods in a match. 

The reigning WWE Champion has been consistent in his desire to avoid having any form of match against either Kingston or Woods, despite fan suggestions that there could be some form of feud between the record-breaking Tag Team Champions. 

Having previously admitted to a fear of chickens, Big E would still rather face his fear than go to war with his best friends.

Speaking exclusively to Cultaholic's Tom Campbell, Big E was asked if he would rather take on his New Day stablemates in a match or endure a stable full of chickens. 

He responded: "I don’t think I talk about this a ton, but I might have mentioned my chicken phobia...yes, live chickens. I cannot fight my brothers, so I will, much to my chagrin, I will take the stable of chickens and just pray that none of them peck my legs to death."

When asked about where his fear of chickens originated, Big E recalled an incident in his childhood when his father slaughtered a chicken, only for the headless bird to continue to fly around.

He continued: "I was going to say I don’t know, but I think I might know. So my dad, I don’t know if this is a common thing, when he was growing up in Jamaica. But when I was a kid, we lived in a very residential, picket fence, suburban neighbourhood, but there’s one moment where like he would go to a meat market oftentimes and buy meat.

"But every now and then, he would buy live animals, and he would put them in the back yard, and then he would slaughter them in the backyard. So I don’t remember how old I was, probably somewhere between five to eight. I saw him put a chicken on the block, and I apologize if this is graphic, but he cuts the chicken’s head off.

"When you’re a young kid, seeing a headless chicken fly about right outside of your bedroom, I think that’s what did it, honestly. When I talk about it, I think that’s what scarred me, is seeing this chicken, in the last minutes of his life, or her life, flying around the yard before eventually giving up the ghost. I think that’s what did it, honestly."

Tom Campbell's full interview with WWE Champion Big E can be viewed below: 

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