Exclusive: Lady Frost Reflects On IMPACT Wrestling Departure

Lady Frost officially exited IMPACT in October

After last competing for IMPACT in April, Lady Frost would have to wait several months for her official release from the company, with the former Knockout granted her release in October after requesting it in June.

Now firmly back on the free agents list, Lady Frost spoke with Cultaholic’s own Tom Campbell, and shed more light on her IMPACT departure:

“I wouldn’t like to pin it anywhere but I think that in life, everyone changes perspectives at some point and often about whatever it may be and I think that’s okay. It should be okay for people to realise different things, come to different conclusions. I think maybe we’ve all been in a bad relationship too long that you wanted to hold onto or fix things or you thought it was gonna be a certain way and it wasn’t and that’s no blame to any side, person, anything. But, I am not a spry, young chicken, I’m not a teenager so I think once we realised time is of the essence, it plays a different factor I think.

“I just wanna be happy… That’s my top priority in life is being happy and if I can’t come home, be a good wife and a good mother and a good friend and a good daughter, what am I doing? You know what I mean? No money, no television, no anything is not worth being okay inside so, that was my primary concern pretty much with life and that’s where I got to a point where wrestling doesn’t matter if I can’t be - insert shoot name here - if I can’t be me, right? [Frost laughed] Yeah. That’s top priority,” said Frost.

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