Fantasy, Logical, Dubious, Wildcard: John Cena’s Opponent At WWE SummerSlam 2021

Who will Cena stand across from at WWE's Biggest Party Of The Summer?

Logical: Roman Reigns

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One could make the argument that Roman Reigns should sit in both the logical AND the fantasy brackets for this particular feature.

There is no one bigger, badder, more dominant and, dare I say it, more over in WWE right now than the Tribal Chief.

Reigns’ run with the Universal Championship has been nothing short of superb. In every match, The Head Of The Table’ has told a compelling story that had us believing that maybe, just maybe, he would finally be beaten, only to come out looking even stronger after what was always an inevitable result.

It, therefore, stands as perfectly logical that Cena, upon assessing the WWE landscape, would determine that Reigns is the biggest dog (pun intended) in the yard.

The two, of course, have history. They met in what is an understated, if perhaps slightly underwhelming, match at No Mercy 2017.

But what really stands out from their brief 2017 rivalry is how Cena eviscerated Reigns in the build-up to their bout. The 44-year-old schooled Reigns on promos and completely belittled him in terms of fan recognition. Go watch the full segment again - I’ll link it here.

Yes, Reigns won the match, but still seemed very much like a rookie when compared to the legendary Cena’s stature.

Imagine the story the two would tell now, just under four years later, with Reigns enjoying the run of his career. With his confidence and his swagger, and a win over Cena already, Reigns can claim he does not need to face ‘The Franchise’ ever again. 

But, Cena could argue if Reigns truly wants to cement his legacy at the very pinnacle of WWE’s mountain, he has to. With the Universal Championship on the line, these two would almost surely tear the house down at SummerSlam.

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