Fantasy, Logical, Dubious, Wildcard: Who Defeats Kenny Omega For The IMPACT World Title?

Who will end the Belt Collector’s reign of terror in the IMPACT Zone?

Unless you’re one of those weird ‘I only like one company and all others suck’ wrestling fans, then you have probably been watching as Kenny Omega goes from promotion to promotion hoovering up titles like some sort of wrestling Henry Hoover.

Since winning the AAA Mega Championship in October 2019, Omega has added the AEW World Title, and  the unified TNA/IMPACT World Heavyweight Titles to his collection, and it doesn’t look like he’s dropping any of them soon.

With AEW slowly building up Hangman Page until he’s ready to topple Omega for their World Title, don’t expect Kenny to lose any of his titles before then, because I’d bet the house on Tony Khan demanding that Omega keeps all the gold until Hangman comes-a-knocking, then we’ll watch as they all fall away like a house of cards.

So that’s the AEW World Title (eventually) spoken for, but what about the IMPACT Titles? Dave Meltzer came out recently and said that IMPACT know exactly who is going to eventually defeat Kenny for the straps, and have done for some time. For our money there are four candidates to boot Omega out of the IMPACT Zone - one fantasy, one logical, one dubious, and one wildcard…

Fantasy - Kazuchika Okada

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The way that IMPACT Wrestling have rebuilt their bridge with New Japan after spectacularly burning it into the ground has to be commended. So too how IMPACT under Scott D’Amore’s watchful eye has been open to collaboration with their fellow companies.

So far we’ve seen NJPW’s FinJuice hold the IMPACT World Tag Titles, we’ve seen El P have a couple of bouts in the IMPACT Zone, whilst living legend Satoshi Kojima has been a mainstay on IMPACT for most of the Summer. But there’s one former NJPW/TNA star that hasn’t made their way back to the IMPACT Zone: Kazuchika Okada.

The perennial thorn in Kenny Omega’s side, The Rainmaker had a forgettable excursion to TNA in 2010 wrestling under the horribly stereotypical/nonsensical/braindeadidly stupid Okato gimmick. Yeah, Okato, like Kato. Like Bruce Lee. In The Green Hornet. In 1966. A run so bad it was a driving factor behind New Japan severing all ties with TNA/IMPACT for over a decade.

What would be a better olive branch than having Okada be the one to end Omega’s reign in IMPACT?

You could guarantee IMPACT their highest drawing PPV since… well, probably forever. You would have casuals and die-hards alike checking out IMPACT, and you’d have a certified dream re-match on the cards, never mind one that’d make a ton of storyline sense.

But let’s crash back to Earth for just a second. There’s a massive difference between New Japan sending FinJuice and El P to IMPACT, as opposed to them sending their golden goose. Plus, if there’s to be another Omega/Okada bout anytime soon you can bet your sweet bum it won’t be in the IMPACT Zone. 

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