Final 54 WWE 2K19 Roster Superstars Revealed

It's time for some legends...

The third and final WWE 2K19 roster reveal happened earlier today, with Rusev and Lana hosting yet another live stream. You can watch the full show here.

This week's reveal centred around legends, with the following names presumably finishing the basic roster that will be found on every version of the game. You can check out the other two roster reveals here and here, and if one of your favourites is missing, we can only presume they're either part of a DLC or being left out of 2K19 altogether.

With this release centring around legends, it looks like Nikki Cross and Tommaso Ciampa are missing from 2K19's roster completely. On the legends' front, the likes of Rob Van Dam, Mark Henry, JBL, and Mick Foley don't appear to have made the cut.

WWE 2K19 is scheduled for worldwide release on 9 October. Remember, Raw Women’s Champion Rousey and former World Heavyweight Champion Mysterio are this year’s pre-order bonus characters!

Here is the last bunch of names confirmed for the new game:

  • Roddy Piper

  • Dusty Rhodes

  • Randy Savage

  • Ricky Steamboat

  • Undertaker (Big Evil)

  • Ric Flair

  • Booker T

  • Kurt Angle

  • Rey Mysterio

  • Mr. Perfect

  • Jake Roberts

  • Batista

  • Alundra Blayze

  • DDP

  • Eddie Guerrero

  • Lex Luger

  • Sting

  • Rock N’ Roll Express

  • Shawn Michaels

  • Ted DiBiase

  • Trish Stratus

  • Ultimate Warrior

  • Lita

  • Rikishi

  • Razor Ramon\Scott Hall

  • The Rock

  • Kevin Nash\Diesel

  • Bret Hart

  • Andre The Giant

  • Ravishing Rick Rude

  • Christian

  • Papa Shango

  • Goldberg

  • Bam Bam Bigelow

  • Big Boss Man

  • Brie Bella

  • Beth Phoenix

  • British Bulldog

  • Brutus Beefcake

  • Edge

  • Greg Valentine

  • Ivory

  • Jacqueline

  • Jim Neidhart

  • Kane

  • Mr. McMahon

  • Rick Martel

  • Stephanie McMahon

  • Steve Austin

  • Sycho Sid

  • Godfather

  • Vader

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