Former Tag Team Champion Interested In WWE Return

Though he'd look over the contract a few times before signing.

A former WWE tag team champion would be open to a return - though he would study his contract more closely before signing for a second time. 

During a recent appearance on the Developmentally Speaking podcast, Alexander Wolfe discussed the prospect of being approached by WWE. 

"Sure, I would be interested, of course. I always learn from my mistakes and also learn from my experience and if I would sign again with WWE or whatever the company, this time I probably have a better look at that contract. I would love to get more a fair play in the contract situation. There's a lot of details in there and you have to be wary of what to do and what to sign.

"Of course, there is this nice, big number that you make a year, but also comes with other stuff, and you have to be aware of that. Of course, it's your employer and you're the employee, but in a lot of things, I believe it should be equal. So that's one of the things I want to get more into it instead of just signing because of money. Yeah, I would be totally interested in working for WWE again or a big company in general," he said.  

Wolfe was released (along with several other talents) in June of 2021. Prior to his release, he was a member of Imperium (in NXT UK) and SAnitY. 

He has since predominantly performed (as Axel Tischer) for various promotions in the UK and Europe. 

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