Gable Steveson Released From WWE

Gable Steveson is the latest WWE release

WWE’s month of releases has seen yet another notable name let go from their contract, and this time it comes in the form of Olympic Gold Medallist, Gable Steveson. Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer revealed this news today in an exclusive on F4WOnline, noting that he was a part of the recent cuts this past week, which included the likes of Drew Gulak, Valentina Feroz, and other NXT names.

Steveson was signed to WWE back in 2021, entering the NIL program. Steveson would even be drafted in the 2021 Draft, with it looking as though WWE was set to hot-shot him to the main roster. This didn’t end up happening, as Steveson would train behind the scenes, have a cameo appearance at WrestleMania 38, and here and there on RAW without much development. With his excursions to amateur wrestling competitions and his slow improvement in training, it would take until last year for him to compete on NXT.

The NXT audience weren’t responsive to him during a feud with Baron Corbin, leading to a poorly received match at Great American Bash 2023, which would be his one and only televised match in WWE. He would continue competing on dark shows and at live events as recently as February this year. Meltzer noted that if WWE saw potential in Steveson, he would not have been let go.

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Written by Andrew Kelly