GM Mode Is The Most Requested Feature For Future WWE 2K Games

Could the much loved mode finally return...

Back on April 27, 2K announced there would be no simulation-based WWE game in 2020. Instead, the publisher will release WWE 2K Battlegrounds in Autumn 2020. 

The longer development cycle for the next simulation-based video game comes after the negative reception to WWE 2K20, which was released with numerous bugs and glitches. Its gameplay was also criticised when compared with WWE 2K19. 

Patrick Gilmore has since been hired as the Executive Producer at Visual Concepts and launched the WWE 2K Feedback Program recently to find out how players would improve the game.

The preliminary results from the program were released over the weekend which revealed fans still clamour for the return of GM Mode as it was the most requested feature for future WWE 2K games. 

It dwarfed all other requests, but other popular features were Create a Story, the revival of missing match types, and live updates. Fans shouldn't expect a Create a Referee mode or a Nintendo Switch version of the game as these were two of the least requested features.

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