'Home Alone' Star Macauley Culkin Interferes In Wrestling Match

The actor got involved in a bout at Bar Wrestling in Los Angeles.

Macauley Culkin interfered in a match at Bar Wrestling in Los Angeles, sabotaging the heels with tactics straight out of the Home Alone franchise in which he starred.

Footage courtesy of ProWrestlingSheet shows the Hollywood star involving himself in a six-person bout, coming to the aid of the babyface team of Joey Ryan, Candice LeRae, and Dick Justice. They were facing the heel trio of Peter Avalon, Ray Rosas, and former WWE Superstar Swoggle.

Culkin's first involvement saw him throw a bucket of balls into the ring, causing Avalon and Rosas to fall onto their backs. He was then invited into the ring by Swoggle, and shoved the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion to the canvas.

Ryan and LeRae then helped Culkin climb onto the second rope and swing a bucket into the face of Swoggle, before the actor performed a splash onto the downed heel. He then helped count the pinfall for the babyface team.

The match appeared to be Christmas-themed, which would explain Culkin's involvement (Home Alone, of course, being a classic Christmas movie). The face team all appeared in festive attire, with Dick Justice wrestling in a full Santa costume.

Culkin is known for being a wrestling fan, and made a brief cameo appearance on an episode of Raw in 2009. He appeared backstage after a Falls Count Anywhere match between Swoggle and Chavo Guerrero, as Guerrero had just been defeated via a Home Alone-style contraption. Culkin can also be seen in Max Landis' 'Wrestling Isn't Wrestling' YouTube feature, playing an excitable D-Generation X fan.

Although probably best known for his starring role in the first two instalments of the Home Alone franchise, Culkin still works in the movie industry today. He is set to appear in next year's Changeland, a comedy-drama written and directed by Seth Green.

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