Honky Tonk Man's New Look & WCW Rings Re-Emerge: Ten Things You May Have Missed In Wrestling This Week

I had a really funny joke written for this part but Peacock removed it...

We all like a whinge from time to time, don't we? 

Everyone does it, but I'm not sure anyone does it as much as wrestling fans. 

There's as much complaining as celebrating half the time and, while sometimes it's not entirely justified, Peacock's handling of the WWE Network has resulted in a great deal of moaning that was definitely warranted. 

Not only has it apparently been technically far from flawless, but eagle-eyed fans are beginning to notice cuts to classic content that is now deemed inappropriate. 

Though a lot of the stuff cut was tasteless at the time and certainly does not play well today, this revisionism of history opens up a whole quandary of issues. 

Because, look, while I don't necessarily want to revisit some crass segment, angle or match from back in the day, I still think it's wrong just to get rid of them completely when a disclaimer or something else could do the job. 

History is history and, while I get Peacock's position, the whole process seems a little off and sets a bad precedent. 

Many in the wrestling community seem to agree and this week's piece could have been ten of the stronger reactions to the disappearing footage. 

Don't worry though, because it's not, and we have plenty of other interesting bits and pieces to cover.

However, there is only one place to start...

10. The Wrestling World Reacts To Peacock WWE Network Edits

Stevie richards right to censor

RIP WWE Network
2014 - Too Soon

Alright, so calling recent recent events the 'death' of the WWE Network might be a tad melodramatic, but the transition of the service to Peacock (in the United States) has been far from smooth, or so it would seem based on what I'm reading from using the service in the USA. 

Not only is there a depleted library as compared with the traditional WWE Network, but Peacock themselves are now in the process of removing questionable content that doesn't measure up to their standards. 

So far we've seen the entire Roddy Piper versus Bad News Brown match from WrestleMania VI excised, as well as controversial segments like Vince McMahon saying the 'N' word in the presence of Booker T (from Survivor Series 2005) and the infamous DX parody of the Nation of Domination from 1998. 

At this rate, those old Attitude Era episodes of Raw are going to be whittled down to Dan Severn matches, aren't they? 

Anyway, it hasn't gone over well with many fans or wrestlers, either, and several superstars past and present have chimed in with a comment or a joke via social media. 

Lance Storm tagged Peacock on Twitter and gave them permission to edit off any of his stuff from the dancing gimmick of 2003, while his ECW pal The Blue Meanie asked to be edited into some old Raws. 

Brian Pillman Jr. joked that he didn't think any of his dad's racy old promos would make it to Peacock, while Stevie Richards drew parallels to his Right to Censor stable. 

Those are just a few examples and it'll be interesting to see how people react as the service (presumably) continues to edit. 

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