Hulk Hogan And Kaitlyn Backstage At WWE SmackDown Live

Hulkamania running wild on the blue brand backstage...

According to PWInsider.com, Hulk Hogan and former Divas Champion Kaitlyn were both backstage at SmackDown Live last night in Orlando.

Photos posted to Instagram revealed that the WWE Hall of Famer was backstage visiting the SmackDown roster prior to the show going on air. This comes just weeks after Hogan was welcomed back into the Hall of Fame and the WWE family as a whole after he was blacklisted by the company following the racism controversies during the summer of 2015. Before last night, Hogan was backstage at the Extreme Rules PPV in July apologising for his actions, and reportedly garnered a mixed reaction from the superstars of the WWE, some of whom were hesitant to welcome back The Hulkster.


At the time of writing, there is no word as to why Hogan was backstage - although, he does live close to where the show took place last night, so could have just been dropping by to say hello.

As for Kaitlyn, she was last seen in WWE in January 2014 and returns to the company's ring as part of the second Mae Young Classic (the tapings of which start tonight). Uploading a photo to Instagram, she can be seen with a wholesome Big E. The pair, of course, struck up quite a friendship while they were in WWE together back in the day and are clearly still close.


Like Hogan, Kaitlyn did not appear on the broadcast of SmackDown Live last night, as it appears she was just visiting friends ahead of her MYC outing.

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