Hulk Hogan Rules Out One More WWE Match: "I'm Too Old To Wrestle"

One more WWE match has been mentioned in certain quarters for some reason...

This writer isn't too sure why, but ever since Hulk Hogan has been allowed back into the WWE Universe after three-or-so years on the naughty step, certain sections of the company's fanbase have speculated that The Hulkster could have one more match.

Thankfully, the man himself has spoken about the possibility of him donning the iconic red and yellow tights once more, telling People that he has no intention of having one more match because he's too old.

Here's what Hogan had to say: “I’m too old to wrestle. I embarrassed myself enough out there by moving too slow, so I don’t want to get back in there again. I don’t think I could. I could probably wrestle somebody like John Cena or Vince McMahon, but as soon as I’d be done they’d be taking me straight to the hospital to fix something … the body’s too worn out for that.”

Hogan's last WWE match was against Randy Orton at SummerSlam 2006 - but it'll be interesting to see what will happen if a certain Saudi prince offers the kind of money that convinced Shawn Michaels to have one more run around the squared circle, don't you think?

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