'I Didn't Realise I'd Had A Headache For A Decade' - Edge Details His Condition After WWE Retirement

Edge was forced to retire in 2011, returning in 2020

Edge has opened up on the state of his body following his enforced retirement from WWE in 2011, revealing it wasn't until after a surgery a year later that he had been living with a constant headache.

Edge was forced to retire due to neck problems in April 2011, eventually returning after a nine-year absence from in-ring competition at the WWE Royal Rumble in 2020. 

The Rated-R Superstar had largely been a consistent performer for WWE during his first run, missing shows only due to injuries, but Edge admits he had become desensitised to the pain he had been in. 

After undergoing neck surgery in 2012, Edge realised he had been living with a headache for ten years prior.

Speaking to The Kurt Angle Show, Edge said: "When you’re doing it night in night out, you just kind of fall into this desensitized [state]. You’re always limping, and you’re always kind of bent over, and you’re always kind of like sideways or like the letter S as you walk, you get used to that, right?

"And it wasn’t until I had the second neck surgery, which I didn’t have until about 2012. And it was in Pittsburgh, Dr. Maroon, and I woke up in the hallway on the stretcher. And Beth [Phoenix was] standing there, and she goes, ‘How do you feel?’ I was like, ‘I don’t have a headache.’ The thing about it is that I didn’t realize I had a headache for like a decade until it was gone. And I went, ‘Oh my god, I felt like sh-t,’ but I didn’t fully grasp it until that.

"Because for however long I don’t even know the pressure on my cord, my spinal cord is being pinched like a straw. So I’m working Batista, and I’m working Kane, and I’m working Undertaker, and I’m taking chokeslams and powerbombs and all of these things. And I didn’t grasp it until that second surgery, and from that point forward, man, life got so much happier.”

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