Identity Of Doctor In Jeff Hardy & Sheamus WWE SmackDown Urine Segment Revealed

The Celtic Warrior made Hardy go through a drugs test before their match at Backlash...

Last night's WWE SmackDown kicked off with Sheamus and Jeff Hardy making their upcoming Backlash match official with a customary WWE contract signing where absolutely nothing went wrong... 

During the segment, Sheamus insisted that Hardy must go through a urine drug test as The Celtic Warrior didn't want to get into the ring "with a junkie." 

After producing his sample for the test, Hardy replicated Shawn Michaels' actions from a 2006 WWE Raw segment with Vince and Shane McMahon by saying "it's better to be pissed off than pissed on," before throwing his jar of urine right in Sheamus' face. 

Reddit user corbinjr21, who really does know his memes, has revealed the identity of the doctor that accompanied Sheamus to the ring last night, with that being actor Frank George - who famously talked about "Ligma" once upon a time. 

You can see George's previous work below. And believe us, you really need to if you haven't already... 

Whatever the weather, Sheamus and Jeff Hardy's match was made official and will be taking place during Sunday's Backlash event. 

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