IMPACT's Trey Miguel Involved In Hit-And-Run Incident

Trey Miguel said to be ok following hit-and-run incident

IMPACT Wrestling star Trey Miguel has been involved in a hit-and-run incident.

Miguel and partner Ashley D’Amboise were struck by a car on September 27, with Miguel posting on Twitter/X that the couple were sent ‘spiralling into pole’ by a Ford F150 which later fled the scene:

"Was involved in a hit and run tonight that sent my fiancée and I into a pole on the Florida turnpike. The Ford F150 hit a car that hit us and sent us spiralling into a pole before fleeing. No reports from witnesses have been made. Such good people we live amongst. 10 cars, 0 eyes," Miguel posted. 

Miguel and D’Amboise are both said to be okay following the incident. It is unknown if Miguel will miss any ring time as a result, with Miguel currently one-half of the IMPACT World Tag Team Champions alongside Rascalz partner Zachary Wentz. 

Names from across wrestling reached out to offer their support to Miguel and D’Amboise, with the likes of Mikey Whipwreck, Velvet Sky, and Myron Reed amongst others sharing messages of solidarity.

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