IMPACT Wrestling Results - July 8 2021: Omega And Callihan Sign On For Slammiversary

Plus, Matt Cardona returns to the IMPACT Zone

IMPACT started with a recap of last week’s attack on Eddie Edwards by W. Morrissey, and the main event Team Callis vs. Team Dreamer match, which ended with Moose turning his back on Chris Sabin as IMPACT looked ready to implode in Kenny Omega’s wake.

Gia Miller accosted Kenny Omega and Don Callis as they entered the building ahead of their contract signing with Sami Callihan tonight. Callis insulted Sami, but he and Omega were in high spirits.

Our first match saw Brian Myers - with Sam Beale - taking on rival Jake Something, with the caveat that if Something wins then Myers will have to acknowledge him as a professional. Something was fired up and was all over Myers from the off, brawling with ‘the most professional wrestler’ inside and outside the ring. Myers weaselled his way back into the bout, laying Something out with a vertical suplex on the ramp and looking to accept the count-out win. Something fired back, pummelling Myers with clotheslines and a huge sit-out powerbomb for two. The momentum continued to swing back-and-forth, but Something picked up the win with a massive Blackhole Slam.

Post-match, Myers tried to renege on their deal, having Beale jump Something from behind. As the two beat down Something, Matt Cardona returned to lay out his former BFF and Beale, as Myers high-tailed it to the back.

Gia caught up with Deonna Purrazzo, with The Virtuosa putting down Kimber Lee and Susan, saying she never needed the two, and that she can do it all on her own forever, before issuing an open challenge for the Knockouts Title.

Gia then tried to get a word with Sami Callihan. Callihan said he was in a rare good mood, and granted Miller his time, cutting a promo on Kenny Omega before police arrested The Draw for assault on Don Callis, as an exasperated Callihan was led away in cuffs.

Deonna Purrazzo came out for her Knockouts Title open challenge next, with Lady Frost answering the challenge and making her IMPACT debut. Purrazzo did not take her challenger seriously, trash talking Frost from the off. Frost got a few licks in including a lovely spinning roundhouse kick, but missed a moonsault, tweaking her leg in the process. Purrazzo smelled blood, and locked in an armbar for the win. 

Post-match, The Virtuosa took the mic and told Lady Frost she was not good enough, and that the Virtuosa was the best Knockouts champion of all time and didn’t even need to know who she was facing at any given time. Suddenly, Gail Kim’s music played, as the IMPACT icon made her way to the ring, mic in hand. Purrazzo paid her respects to Kim, then Kim paid them back, before announcing she was here to talk about Slammiversary. Kim reaffirmed that she was retired, and said she made a deal with Scott D’Amore, and that Purrazzo will face a mystery opponent at Slammiversary.

Chris Sabin took a trip to Swinger’s Palace, but Swinger was nowhere to be seen. Alysha Edwards said he had ‘important secret business’ to take care of, but Sabin hung out anyway, before Moose attacked him out of nowhere. Hernandez tried to break things up but got tossed, as Moose laid waste to Sabin. Moose said Sabin will find out why Moose is a Wrestling God at Slammiversary.

Gia Miller interviewed Chris Bey, and asked why he had a change of heart last week when he helped Josh Alexander and co fight off Ace Austin, Rohit Raju, and associates. Bey said he theoretically picked a side, but it doesn’t mean he’s friends with Alexander and co., he’s just looking out for number one and wants the best opportunity possible at Ultimate X.

Match three was a three-on-one handicap match, as W. Morrissey took on Jason Page, Manny Smith, and Deontay Evans. Morrissey took to the mic before the bout, saying he accepts Eddie Edwards challenge at Slammiversary, and said he’s going to help Eddie prepare for the match by showing him right now what will happen to him at Slammiversary.

Predictably, Morrissey utterly pasted all three men, getting the quick win after hitting a big boot, chokeslam, and powerbomb on the three, a variation of an F-5 on Manny Smith, then stacked his opponents and got the pin with one foot.

Backstage Don Callis confirmed that he pressed charges against Sami Callihan, and said he was undergoing counselling. Callis said Callihan is dangerous and a hazard, and has provided footage to the production truck so the whole world can see what kind of man Sami Callihan is.

The footage aired - someone dressed up as Callihan and shot from behind ‘attacked’ Callis in what was clearly doctored footage. Callis said there’ll be no contract signing tonight. Scott D’Amore turned up, and said as Kenny Omega is still here that the contract signing can go ahead. Callis sounded exasperated, but D’Amore said to humour him and sign the thing anyway.

Susan and Kimber Lee made their way to the ring to take on Rosemary and Havok for a potential shot at the Knockouts Tag Team Titles. An agitated Susan tried standing up to Rosemary but was instantly overpowered, with Rosemary and Havok double teaming her. Kimber Lee tried to make the save, but her strikes didn’t phase Havok. Kimber had more luck with Rosemary, and her and Susan effectively kept her at bay. Havok eventually came in and kicked Susan into Kimber, as Rosemary hit Susan with a spear for the win.

Time for another episode of All About Me with Tenille Dashwood, as she was joined by Jazz. The two were sat in awkward confusion, as Jazz asked if this was Piper’s Pit. Tenille said she feels betrayed by Jazz’s machinations recently getting Rachel Ellering and Jordynne Grace to sort their problems. Dashwood said she thought she’d finally found a partner in Rachel that she could win the Knockouts Tag Titles with, but Jazz ruined it for her. Jazz went to walk off, as Tenille threw shade, before attacking the ECW original when her back was turned.

After a break, the aftermath of Tenille’s attack on Jazz was shown, as Ellering and Grace rushed to her aid. The two then cut a promo on Tenille and Kaleb, saying it’s one thing to mess with them, but another to mess with Jazz. Grace said her and Ellering are officially back on the same page, and said next week they’re going to deal with Tenille and Kaleb.

Willie Mack and Rich Swann came to the ring to talk about the assault they suffered at the hands of VBD last week. Swann told VBD to come to the ring, and bring the IMPACT Tag Championships with them. Suddenly, TJP and Fallah Bahh arrived saying they share a common enemy, but they’re at the front of the line when it comes to the tag titles. The two teams bickered about who were the rightful number one contenders, until VBD made their presence felt. The eight men faced off in the ring, but before a punch could be thrown The Good Brothers made their way to the ramp. Gallows and Anderson said their focus is still on the tag titles, despite their extra curricular activities, while sounding like a pair of preachers. Before everything devolved into full on chaos, Tommy Dreamer came out and said the IMPACT Tag Titles will be defended at Slammiversary in a four way match. As for tonight, Rich Swann, TJP, Karl Anderson, and Deaner would fight in a four way match of their own.

That match took place straight away - KA and Swann pairing off, as Deaner and TJP fought. Soon it basically became a singles bout between Swann and TJP, who used everything in their arsenal to try and get control. Deaner broke it up and attacked Swann, who was soon replaced by TJP. This was more a singles match than a four way, as there were only ever two people in the ring at any one time, but soon everyone was involved as Swann hit a Swann-ton onto his opponents on the outside. Anderson suggested a temporary alliance with Deaner, but ate a clubbing blow from Deaner in response. TJP ran wild, laying out KA with a Detonation Kick, but a missed Mamba Splash on Deaner which erased his advantage. Everyone hit a parade of finishers, with Machine Gun getting the win with a Gun Stun on Deaner.

Post-match The GBs and VBD stood face-to-face in the ring, with Gallows and Joe Doering standing nose to nose.

Susan was freaking out backstage as Kimber Lee placated her, by saying she had a backup plan, as Father James Mitchell made his arrival. Susan said Mitchell looked familiar, as Kimber told Susan to trust him. Mitchell asked Kimber if she was sure she wanted to do this, as Kimber said she had no options left. 

Contract signing time, despite Sami Callihan being in police custody. Scott D’Amore said it had been a chaotic night, before inviting Kenny Omega and Don Callis to the ring. Callis said Callihan’s arrest was justified as you can’t just go around assaulting people, and D’Amore now has a champion without a challenger. D’Amore said there’s still nine days before Slammiversary, and everything will play out. Kenny gave the contract a once over and signed it, before the lights went out and behind the scenes footage of Callihan’s attack on Callis aired, showing it was indeed a hoax perpetrated by Callis, Swinger, and Bravo. The ICU logo then flashed as Callihan appeared in the ring with a baseball bat, as he laid out Omega. Kenny fought back against Sami, but took a low blow and a package piledriver from The Death Machine. Sami signed the contract, and our Slammiversary main event is back on. Sami then powerbombed Omega through the table as a receipt, and raised the IMPACT World Title 

Full results:
• Jake Something def. Brian Myers
• Deonna Purrazzo (c) def. Lady Frost - Knockouts Championship
• W. Morrissey def. Jason Page, Manny Smith, and Deontay Evans - Handicap Match
• Rosemary & Havok def. Susan & Kimber Lee
• Karl Anderson def. Deaner, TJP, and Rich Swann

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