IMPACT Wrestling Results - June 10 2021: The Last Stop Before Against All Odds

All the action from the IMPACT Zone

IMPACT started with a recap of last week’s incredible 60-min X Division Title Ironman match between TJP and Josh Alexander. We also saw the ending of Moose vs. Sami Callihan, where The Good Brothers and Kenny Omega attacked both men, leading to Tony Khan making an appearance tonight.

Into the IMPACT Zone and Scott D’Amore was in ring introducing AEW CEO Tony Khan in an attempt to sort out the muddled mess that is the Against All Odds World Title match. Before the two could thrash things out, Don Callis made his arrival, hyping up Kenny Omega, sort of putting over Moose, and disparaging the ‘out of control’ Sami Callihan. D’Amore admitted that Sami is rough round the edges, but lambasted the ongoing actions of the ‘also out of control’ Good Brothers. Callis deflected attention back onto Callihan’s recklessness, and drove home why Against All Odds needs to be Omega vs. Moose. D’Amore and Khan huddled in the corner, before D’Amore announced it would indeed be Omega vs. Moose for the title. Khan interjected, putting over Omega, and said he wants the match to take place at Daily’s Place, and that Sami Callihan would be barred from the arena. Callis was ecstatic, but D’Amore cut him off, saying that whoever wins will take on Callihan at Slammiversary.

Backstage, Omega, Callis, and The GBs were incensed about the revelations from the first segment. Callis told Gallows and Anderson to take out both Moose and Callihan, but D’Amore was in earshot and interrupted the scheming. D’Amore announced The GBs will take on Callihan and a partner of his choice in a street fight at the PPV. 

We had another ‘How To Be A Professional’ video from Brian Myers and Sam Beale. Myers was teaching Beale about promos, but it soon turned into Myers bashing Matt Cardona.

We again heard from Scott D’Amore, who wants to expose Don Callis. Sami Callihan interrupted saying who the hell is going to team with him? Tommy Dreamer appeared, saying ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’, and as both men hate Don Callis then they’ll tag at Against All Odds. Callihan accepted, and said if Dreamer messes up he gets to beat him up again. D’Amore had a problem with Dreamer calling Callis his enemy, but Dreamer doubled down, and told D’Amore that Callis is his enemy too.

Our first bout of the night saw Havok take on Rosemary, and if Havok wins she’ll be added into the Knockouts Title Match at Against All Odds. Rosemary started hot nailing two spears, but it’d take more to keep Havok down. Havok quickly recovered and was on the offence, using her strength and size advantage to dominate Rosemary. Rosemary came back, hit two more spears, and got the win. Havok will not be inserted into the Knockouts Title Match.

Post match the two shared words, before Deonna Purazzo, Susan, and Kimber Lee attacked. Susan grabbed a mic and demanded Kimber Lee vs. Tasha Steelz to take place instantly.

Staright into the bout, and Steelz started bright, but was soon pegged back by Lee. Lee controlled the majority of the bout, hitting a huge delayed vertical suplex for 2, but Steelz got her knees up for the follow up senton bomb. This was the opening Steelz needed, allowing her to hit a modified Falcon Arrow and get the win.

Post-match, Deonna Purazzo, Kimber Lee and Susan attacked Fire ’n’ Flava, until Havok and Rosemary came out to even the odds. The tandem took out Purazzo’s crew, then laid out Kiera Hogan with a double chokeslam.

We got another Maclin vignette. Maclin screamed that his life is continuous torture, his back is against the wall, and it’s do or die. Either Maclin meets Mr. Mayhem, or ‘you’ will.

Gia Miller spoke with Josh Alexander who was showing off his battle scars from the Ironman Match. Alexander said although he looks rough he feels amazing, and last week he proved what he always knew - that he is the ironman of pro wrestling. Walking Weapon said he’ll have his eye on the five-way number one contenders bout at Against All Odds, as Ace Austin interrupted. Austin put himself over, and said he never leaves anything up to chance.

Match three saw the other four competitors of the five-way take-part in tag action, as Chris Bey and Rohit Raju took on Petey Williams and Trey Miguel. This was a fast-paced affair, especially when Miguel and Bey paired off. Bey and Rohit teamed well, taking Petey out of the match and working him over as the ref was distracted. Petey absorbed a lot of punishment, but eventually got the tag to Miguel who ran in and instantly got down to business, hitting a combined Indian Deathlock and Northern lights Suplex on Rohit and Bey. As Petey and Bey fought outside, Miguel locked in a modified arm triangle on Rohit for the tap out win.

Post-match, Ace Austin and Madman Fulton ran in for the attack, laying waste to all four men. Josh Alexander came in, as everyone attacked Austin and Fulton. Petey then hit a beautiful top rope Canadian Destroyer on Fulton to end the segment.

Gia Miller spoke to Willie Mack and Rich Swann about W. Morrissey. Both men were anxious to get a piece of Morrissey, as he has been a massive thorn in both their sides as of late. Mack said tonight was him vs. Morrissey one-on-one, and asked Swann not to interfere, no matter what happened.

We joined Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb for another episode of All About Me. The two welcomed Rachel Ellering into the interview area, accompanied by Jordynne Grace. Kaleb and Tenille were upset by Grace’s presence, but continued on, with an irritated Grace not playing along with the charade. Ellering asked why was she here, and put over Grace as her teammate, but Tenille tried stirring things between the two. Ellering took offence, and offered Tenille a match at Against All Odds, but Grace interrupted and took the match against Tenille instead. 

Violent By Design promo time, as Eric Young placed his faith in Deaner as he and Rhino defend the Tag Titles at Against All Odds. EY then spoke about Joe Doering vs. Eddie Edwards, saying that although Edwards is fantastic wrestler and the heartbeat of IMPACT, his heart is sick. EY then put over Kojima, but said both Edwards and Kojima would fall to Joe Doering.

Doering vs. Edwards was up next. Doering took control of the match instantly, as Violent By Design watched on from ringside, Doering kept Edwards down with submissions as he slowed the pace of the match down, but Edwards eventually got a foothold into the match, thwarting an attack by Rhino in the meantime. Eddie went for a tope onto Rhino and Doering, but Deaner tripped him, causing the ref to DQ Doering. 

Post-match VBD attacked Edwards, but Kojima made the save, and traded standing elbows with Doering, before clotheslining him out of the ring. Edward and Kojima stood tall as VBD had to restrain Doering on the ramp.

A video package aired of Moose talking up the Against All Odds main event. 

Main event time as W. Morrissey and Willie Mack clashed in a No DQ Match. Morrissey took control from the bell, working Mack over with a serious of clubbing strikes. The fight made it’s way to ringside, with Mack getting into the match, avoiding a pounce as Morrissey went face first into the ring-steps. Willie wrapped a chain around his fist, punching Morrissey in the leg and kidneys, then lit him up with chairshots. Back in ring and Mack momentarily had the big man down, before eating a big boot. Morrissey had his turn with the chair and steel chain, wrapping the latter around Willie’s eyes and nose, and using the former to bludgeon him in the corner. Morrissey missed a stinger splash, allowing Willie to hit a couple of kicks, a big slam, and standing moonsault - only for a two count. Willie was again on the attack with a steel chair, but ate nothing but chair after a Frog Splash, when Morrissey rolled out fo the way. Morrissey then missed an elbow onto the chair, but big booted the steel into Willie’s face for the pinfall win.

Morrissey briefly celebrated his victory, then went to attack Willie some more with the chair. Rich Swann ran out and peppered Morrissey with kicks, as security ran out to separate both men. Morrissey broke free and splashed Swann, then took a steel chair to the back as an incensed Swann was looking for a fight.

Full results:
• Rosemary def. Havok
• Tasha Steelz vs. Kimber Lee
• Trey Miguel & Petey Williams def. Rohit Raju & Chris Bey
• Eddie Edwards def. Joe Doering
• W. Morrissey def. Willie Mack - No DQ Match

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