IMPACT Wrestling Results - March 30 2021: James Storm’s 1000th Match

Plus we continue along the road to Hardcore Justice & Rebellion

IMPACT this week, as always was live from the IMPACT Zone. The show opened with the major story beats from last week; FinJuice taunting The Good Brothers from Japan, and Don Callis and Kenny Omega attempting to get into Rich Swann’s head with the One Winged Angel.

First match of the night sees the Knockouts Tag team Champions Fire ’n’ Flava in non-title action against Havok and Nevaeh - all stemming from last week when the champs said Havok and Nevaeh hadn’t earned a title shot yet. Havok and Nevaeh used their power to keep the champs at bay for the majority of the match, but eventually Steeles hit Havok with a frog splash, allowing Hogan to get the victory for the champs. Post-match Havok and Nevaeh looked disappointed but hugged it out, only for Nevaeh to attack Havok, and call her the weak link of the team.

We caught up with Cowboy James Storm ahead of his 1000th match tonight. Storm put over Eric Young but said he’s going to beat him up tonight, with Jake Something and Chris Sabin watching his back to counter-act Violent By Design. Sabin said they had a surprise for Storm, and Wildcat Chris Harris showed up. America’s Most Wanted ride again!

Deonna Purrazzo and Susan then complained about Jazz’s conduct and how she injured Kimber Lee, only for Jazz to rush Susan and hit her with a bin. 

Match two saw Sami Callihan take on XXXL’s Larry D. This all started last week when XXXL attacked Trey Miguel, only for Callihan to make the unlikely save. Larry D surprisingly had control of Callihan for the majority of the match, but Callihan would not stay down, and nailed a rope hung piledriver for the win. Acey Romero then attacked Callihan, and when Miguel didn’t make the save, Callihan laughed.

We then got a video package of FinJuice in New Japan, as it cut to Don Callis, Kenny Omega, and The Good Brothers watching it backstage. Callis and Kenny were impressed by FinJuice, but The GBs were not in the mood. Callis was stirring the pot a little, until Omega whispered something to Callis, who whispered to Karl Anderson, who whispered to Gallows.

Sami Callihan finally caught up with Trey Miguel backstage. Sami asked Trey where he was, and Miguel got angry. Callihan said he’s been pushing Trey to his limit because he expects better of him, and offers to become Trey’s mentor. Trey is seriously pissed and looks like he wants to hit Sami, refusing his offer. Sami gives him a week to think it over, with Sami offering him a spot in a tag match against XXXL next week.

Match three and The Most Professional Wrestler Brian Myers defeated Suicide in a quick encounter, getting the win with the Roster Cut lariat. Myers then cut a promo on Matt Cardona, refusing his challenge for a match, and proclaiming himself the Franchise of IMPACT.

Tommy Dreamer was backstage with Jazz, and suggested Jazz and Deonna Purrazzo have an old-skool ECW Ultimate Jeopardy Match at Hardcore Justice. Jazz agrees and puts her career on the line against The Virtuosa’s title. After this we had our weekly AEW advert, with a shouty Tony Khan plugging this week’s edition of Dynamite.

Callis and Omega then made their way to Swinger’s Palace to find out what the odds were on Kenny vs. Swann at Rebellion. Omega then boosted the odds in Omega’s favour by showing the One Winged Angel video to Swinger, before sticking a $20,000 bet on the match.

Match four saw X Division Champion Ace Austin and Madman Fulton take on the team of TJP and Josh Alexander. TJP and Alexander were not on the same page, but still managed to take Austin and Fulton to their limits. However, miscommunication swung the odds back in Austin and Fulton’s favour, Ace getting the roll-up win out of nowhere.

Don Callis then encountered Willie Mack, and again, showed off the One Winged Angel compilation. Rich Swann turned up and said Callis wasn’t going to get into his head or his friend’s heads. Callis disagreed. Swann said if Callis wasn’t his boss he’d smack him, so Callis said he has 10 minutes where all gloves are off. As the two got ready to fight, Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers rushed Swann and Mack, until Eddie Edwards made the save. Later, a six-man tag match between all six men was announced for next week’s IMPACT.

We had a vignette for a mystery superstar/show. Punk flyers adorned a club toilet, then _ _ T’_   G_ _   _ _ _D_ was flashed on screen.

Rohit Raju caught up with Hernandez who insisted they were not friends, Eric Young had a short video extolling the virtues of Violent By Design, andhen Tommy Dreamer held a meeting with some of the Knockouts division, announcing a multi-Knockouts hardcore scramble match at Hardcore Justice, with the winner getting a Knockouts Title shot at Rebellion. Many of the Knockouts were over enthusiastic - aside from Tenille Dashwood - and Dreamer got nervous.

Our main event tonight saw Eric Young and Jame Storm go one-on-one in The Cowboy’s 1000th match in IMPACT. The two veterans were evenly matched, as the commentators put over both their contributions to the company. Eventually, Violent By Design and Storm’s crew brawled at ringside, as Chris Harris prevented EY from using a weapon on Storm, allowing Cowboy to hit the Last Call Superkick for the victory.

Full results below:
• Fire ’n’ Flava def. Havok & Nevaeh
• Sami Callihan def. Larry D
• Brian Myers def. Suicide
• Ace Austin & Madman Fulton def. TJP & Josh Alexander
• James Storm def. Eric Young

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