IMPACT's Matt Sydal Speaks About Online Criticism Of High-Flying Wrestling

He also spoke to us about the criticism different styles of wrestling attract.

We recently conducted an interview with Matt Sydal, the current IMPACT X-Division Champion and IMPACT Grand Champion (although manager Josh Matthews is officially considered the title-holder as of last week's show).

We spoke to Sydal about how it felt to be entrusted with such a key role by IMPACT, and how it felt to be made an important figure in the promotion's new regime. Sydal considered things from a different angle, and while he paid tribute to IMPACT's set up, he stated:

'I think it's a sign that I've made myself important in IMPACT [...] I've been in this marathon for a long time.'

In 2016, Sydal was part of a debate-generating match in PWG alongside Will Ospreay and Ricochet, taking on the team of The Young Bucks and Adam Cole. The match was awarded five stars by Dave Meltzer, but also came in for criticism online. We asked how he'd respond to those who didn't feel as though that style truly represented the art of wrestling.

'I'd say go watch something else! It doesn't bother me. We're artists expressing ourselves, and while audience participation is essential for the show, it's not essential that everybody is satisfied. I haven't thought about pleasing everybody in a million years. [...] I love watching deathmatch guys wrestle. For me, I love all styles of wrestling.'

Sydal also touched upon his own philosophical way of life, and how that connects with his in-ring work.

'That's why I'm able to still go to this day, because of that mind/body connection. Once you link that up it makes you a much more well-rounded athlete.'

Sydal appears on IMPACT Wrestling, which airs on 5Spike every Friday night at 11PM.

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