Jake Roberts Believes Jim Cornette Should Be Inducted Into The WWE Hall Of Fame

Whether he gets the call is another matter...

Jake 'The Snake' Roberts believes Jim Cornette should join him in WWE's Hall of Fame. 

Discussing the longtime manager, promoter, booker and wrestling historian on a recent edition of his The Snake Pit podcast, Roberts said: "I love Cornette. He's there to make you think outside the box, and when you come to Jim Cornette, you don't even look at the box"

He added that he hasn't always gotten along with the outspoken 61-year-old, including when they worked together as members of WWE's creative team in 1996. 

However, with respect to a potential Hall of Fame induction, Jake believes Jim has more than earned the accolade, saying: 

"Absolutely, Cornette should definitely be in there. Whether he makes it or not I don't know, but he should definitely be in there. He has contributed so much to wrestling. Say what you want to about Corny but he gets the job done".

Cornette was on hand to induct The Rock 'n' Roll Express into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2017.

H/T Wrestling Inc.

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