Jason Jordan Will Miss WrestleMania

Our suspicions were confirmed last night on Raw.

Jason Jordan will miss WrestleMania 34 as a result of his recent neck surgery. The news was confirmed by Raw General Manager Kurt Angle, who last night cut a promo mentioning the injury.

This follows a lot of speculation regarding Jordan's health. There were rumours online of an apparent injury, which were circulated even more when he took a very limited role in his match at the Royal Rumble pay per view. He and Seth Rollins lost the Raw Tag Team Championship to Sheamus and Cesaro, a bout which saw Jordan quickly beaten down on the outside and miss out on the majority of the action.

This was followed by reports that Jordan's injury was a serious one, and that he was having trouble gripping with his hands - although his wife took to Facebook to contradict such rumours, stating that although her husband was indeed injured, it certainly wasn't an issue that would jeopardise his career.

There is still no official word from WWE on when Jordan will return.

Seth Rollins has been lingering in the tag division for quite some time now, first teaming with old Shield stablemate Dean Ambrose, then forming an uneasy alliance with Jordan when Ambrose became injured. Now that his second consecutive partner has been sidelined, Rollins looks to be moving back to solo action.

Last night he convinced Kurt Angle to enter him in the fatal four-way match to determine the last entrant in the men's Elimination Chamber. He and Finn Balor pinned Bray Wyatt simultaneously, so no official Chamber entrant was confirmed.

After the show, Angle took to Facebook Live to announce that there will now be seven participants in the Chamber match, with both Balor and Rollins added to the mix. This unlikely step is presumably linked to WWE's accidental leaking of the original fatal four-way winner, uploading (and quickly deleting) a photo of Balor alongside the five confirmed Chamber participants.

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