JBL: John Cena 'Got Everything Right Away' In WWE

The two clashed for the WWE Title at WrestleMania 21

John Bradshaw Layfield has revealed how he found working with a young John Cena in WWE, hailing him for getting to grips with what he needed to do instantly. 

JBL worked a program with Cena in 2005 over the WWE Championship, with Cena beating Layfield for his first WWE Title at WWE WrestleMania 21 and turning him into a new main-event star for the promotion. 

Layfield said, with the feud they had, it was the first time that Cena was required to work significantly longer matches in WWE, something he picked up really easily. 

Speaking in a YouTube Q&A, he said: "When I came along, John Cena was just coming up and he was not the John Cena you know now. You knew he had talent. 

"Now let me tell you the difference between an eight minute match and a 30 minute match. It is a world of difference. So, eight minutes is easy, it's formulated. You go out there you do a certain thing, you compete, you go home. With 30 minutes you can't do that. You have to take people on a roller-coaster. It's hard. Some people never make that transition from that eight minutes to a 30 minutes, because they never understand the ability to work.

"The first time that John Cena may have did that may have been with Kurt Angle, but I was one of the first. He got everything right away."

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