JBL Thinks Fans Booed John Cena Because He Was Just Too Good

JBL on John Cena

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield has claimed WWE fans booed John Cena while he was the top star of the company because the 16-time world champion was "just too good." 

"I think it was because he was just too good. He's this good-looking guy, he's got this great body, he puts out great matches, and he has incredible promos...Cena would go out there and he had the entire crowd chanting either 'Let's Go Cena', or 'Cena sucks'. By the time he's five minutes into that promo, everybody is into whatever he's saying...I think people just disliked him, for one, they couldn't control it, and two, it was a great departure from the beer-drinking, middle finger, and the cussing from The Rock and Stone Cold in the Attitude Era," JBL said on Busted Open Radio

Cena was booed during much of his run at the top of WWE, especially between 2006 and 2017. Since then, though, Big Match John has performed in WWE on a part-time schedule in between his Hollywood commitments and Cena has been cheered when fans have been in attendance. 

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