Jeff Hardy Plans To Return In Time For WrestleMania 34

He was sidelined after sustaining a shoulder injury in September.

Jeff Hardy has spoke of his hope to return in time for WrestleMania 34, after conducting a backstage interview with WWE following the recent Starrcade live event.

The Charismatic Enigma appeared at the show alongside brother Matt, but didn't wrestle, as he is still recovering from the shoulder injury that sidelined him back in September. The pair instead took part in a non-wrestling segment with WWE Hall of Fame tag team The Rock and Roll Express.

In the interview following the show, Jeff spoke of his steady progress and the need for patience:

'So far, so good. My physical therapist says it's moving great. It don't feel great. Naturally, it hurts and I can only do so much, but I'm on the right track. So hopefully after another month I'll actually be able to lift a little weight and start building up my chest and my arms again - and then hopefully by April I'll be good to go and actually get back in the ring and do what Jeff Hardy loves to do.'

It would certainly be good to see Jeff back in time for WrestleMania. He and Matt provided one of the most memorable moments of this year's show, making a shock return to the promotion and winning the Raw Tag Team Championship. This came just one day after their final bout for Ring of Honor, a spectacular ladder match against The Young Bucks.

The Hardys are, of course, one of the most popular tag teams in WWE history - as well as enjoying considerable singles success - and have already engaged in a well-received feud with current Raw Tag Team Champions Sheamus and Cesaro. Their run was understandably cut short due to Jeff's injury, but it'll be interesting to see what plans WWE has for the brothers once they're a full active tag team once again.

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