Jesus Huerta Escoboza, AAA's Second La Parka, Passes Away

He was 55...

Jesus Huerta Escoboza, the second man to play the role of the colorful and eccentric La Parka, passed away on Saturday. Reports indicate that the cause of death was complications from a catastrophic in-ring accident he sustained in October.

He was reported to be 55 years old.

Huerta sustained the injury during a match for the Kaoz promotion on October 21. He was attempting a tope onto Rush when he hit his head on the floor and guardrail.

Huerta was paralyzed as a result of the accident, and rushed to the hospital. Life-saving surgery was performed the following morning, though he ultimately did not recover from his injuries.

Huerta is not to be confused with Adolfo Tapia, the original La Parka who used the gimmick in AAA, ECW, and WCW, among other places.

Huerta assumed the La Parka (then La Parka Jr) gimmick in AAA in 1996, due to Tapia working so much in WCW. AAA founder Antonio Pena had wanted to maintain the presence of the popular La Parka character on his shows.

When Pena and Tapia had a falling out, Huerta became simply La Parka (or La Parka II), while Tapia had to modify his name to LA Park.

Outside of the role, Huerta also used the names Karis la Momia, Maligno, and Bello Sexy during his 32 year career. He won the Rey de Reyes tournament five times (the most recent coming in 2014), and held the Mexican National Cruiserweight title on two occasions.

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