Jim Ross Believes Vince McMahon Could 'Put The Structure In Place' To Sell WWE

JR has his say on recent rumours

Jim Ross believes Vince McMahon would be open to selling WWE but wouldn't necessarily part with the company until he couldn't run the promotion any more. 

Speculation has continued to rumble on in the past few months regarding the possibility of McMahon selling WWE, amid continuous budget cuts to the talent roster and the work undertaken by WWE President Nick Khan to keep the company financially in the black.

JR, who worked for McMahon for two decades, feels McMahon knows any sale of WWE would set future generations of his family up for life and, while McMhaon may not sanction a sale while he is alive, could put the plans in place for WWE's next owner following his passing.

Speaking on his Grilling JR podcast, he said: "I think Vince is going to do this till he can't physically do it anymore.

"Vince is a great businessman, but if the right offer came along, that would make sure some of his key players are still taken care of, like Hunter (Triple H) and Stephanie (McMahon).I don't have any doubt in my mind that he wouldn't sell because it will be a billion-dollar plus deal. That would set up his grandchildren and his grandchildren's grandchildren.

"So, he's a smart businessman in other words. But I don't think that in his lifetime he would be interested in selling, but I think he would be interested in putting the structure in place to sell."

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