Jim Ross: Michael Cole Is WWE's Mr. Reliability

High praise from Ross

Jim Ross is full of praise for Michael Cole, describing WWE's lead announcer as one of the 'more underrated guys in broadcasting'. 

Cole has worked with WWE for around 25 years and has been the promotion's lead broadcaster and commentator since JR was moved on from his full-time position in the company. 

Despite being replaced by Cole, Ross has no ill will towards him, and is full of praise for the SmackDown commentator.

Speaking on the Grilling JR Podcast, he said: "He’s no different than us folks. He’s a wrestling fan. He’s had a really good job in wrestling for years and years, and he’s earned every moment of it, every accolade, every promotion, every raise, and all of his exposure. He’s earned all of that. He’s Mr. Reliability. I think he’s one of the more underrated guys in broadcasting. He’s earned his keep, and he’s earned it in a very classy way."

When asked where the decision to replace Ross with Cole came from, he added: "I think it was Vince. He wanted younger. He didn’t want Southern. He didn’t want chubby cheeks. He wanted a change. 

"He also underestimated my popularity. With that said, it sounds very egocentric to say something like that, but I think that was all proven over time. In any event, I don’t think Cole had anything to do with it or any conspiracy theories or any underhanded bullsh*t. That’s just not him.

"I don’t know how much he could have influenced it anyway to be honest with you in all fairness to everybody involved. It was one guy’s decision."

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