Jim Ross Names WWE's Best On-Screen Authority Figures

Sadly, Brad Maddox wasn’t mentioned

Although the idea of an on-screen authority figure is played out, there have been a host of names who took the ball and ran with it when put in the position, especially in WWE.

But according to Jim Ross on the Grilling JR podcast, two stand head and shoulders above the rest; Mick Foley and William Regal:

“I don’t think we’ve ever put Foley into a gig that he didn’t succeed in," said Ross. “But… they both were the two best in that role that I ever saw WWE book… cast, if you will. Like I said, I’m a major fan of William Regal to this very day. It’s ironic I got both those guys their jobs. When that happens, it feels like you helped somebody’s family… They had to do the work, I just got them a jersey and an opportunity.”

Although most will point to Regal’s work as the GM of NXT, it was his run as WWE Commissioner in 2001 that JR was particularly enamoured with, until he was ‘fired’ by Linda McMahon:

“I was a little bit sad that Regal was leaving that post, because he was so damn good at it," Ross continued. "The fall-back obviously is you’re replacing him with Mick Foley, one of the best talkers and ad-libbers that I’ve ever been around.”

H/T: Sportskeeda

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