Jim Ross On WWE NXT Losing To AEW Most Weeks: I'm Sure It Bothered Vince McMahon To Some Degree

JR thinks his former boss would have been annoyed

The Wednesday Night Wars between WWE NXT and AEW: Dynamite came to an end after 18 months earlier this year following NXT's move to Tuesday nights in April. 

AEW won the ratings battle most weeks in overall viewership and the key 18-49 demographic and commentator Jim Ross believes NXT losing would have "p*ssed" Vince McMahon "off." 

After being asked about NXT's move to Tuesday nights on the Sports Illustrated Media Podcast, JR said: "For the growth of the NXT brand and their ongoing relationship with NBC Universal, logically speaking and taking personalities and emotions out of it, it was the best thing for them to do. It was the best thing for their relationship and building a bigger audience. The fans don't have to make a choice. 

"I'm sure it pissed him off to read every week - we didn't beat them every week - but more weeks than not we were the number one watched wrestling show on Wednesday nights. I know he didn't take that in a good way. He's very competitive and he's used to being the bull in the woods, doing whatever he wants to do, and winning. On Wednesday nights against us, they weren't winning on a regular basis. I'm sure that bothered him to some degree. At the end of the day, it was the right decision to make for everyone involved."

NXT initially enjoyed a boost in the ratings from the move to Tuesday nights, but overall viewership and the 18-49 demographic have since settled around what the black and gold brand achieved while on Wednesdays. 

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