Jim Ross: WWE Made 'Significant Changes' After The Plane Ride From Hell

The infamous flight was the focus of this week's Dark Side Of The Ring

Jim Ross has reiterated his disappointment with the actions of individuals involved with The Plane Ride From Hell in 2002, insisting that WWE made 'significant changes' within the promotion on the back of the debacle.

The second half of the newest season of Dark Side Of The Ring debuted this week, opening with an episode that looked at a WWE-chartered international flight on May 5, 2002. 

Now commonly known as 'The Plane Ride From Hell', a host of WWE's top stars were aboard the plane as the company headed back to the United States after its Insurrextion pay-per-view in London. 

A combination of a delayed take-off and free alcohol for the talent led to fights and allegations of sexual assault, with multiple dismissals from WWE being made in the aftermath.

Speaking with Sports Illustrated Ross, who was WWE's Head Of Talent Relations at the time, said: "There was just such a lack of respect on the flight. We made significant changes because of it. Guys lost their jobs and it hurt people’s reputations. They acted so wrong. We couldn’t do business with people like that, and we rebuilt our locker room after that.

"The bottom line is I was very upset in how the talent conducted themselves. We made mistakes from a management standpoint. We had wanted to make the trip as comfortable as possible, so we chartered a sports plane with first-class seats and upgraded the food. But the open bar was obviously a mistake.

"It went off the rails, with a small group of guys that just went crazy. It is still a black eye to be affiliated with the Plane Ride from Hell."

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