Jinder Mahal Thinks There Is A Time & Place For Him To Have A Babyface Run

Babyface run for Jinder Mahal?

Jinder Mahal was a heel throughout his WWE career but the former WWE Champion now thinks there is a time and place for him to have a babyface run following his release. 

"Historically, South Asian wrestlers, Indian wrestlers, wrestlers of Indian heritage have always been portrayed in a stereotypical way. I think that needs to change. We each have our own identities, we have our stories. We want to share those stories. I think now is the perfect opportunity for me to introduce a new character, not even so much a character, just be myself. I'm Canadian, I'm proud of my Indian heritage, Punjabi heritage. I definitely wanna have elements of that to represent my culture and who I'm proud of," Mahal said on TikTok.

"But, one thing that I missed out on was having a babyface run. I think that would have been really good. You guys are getting a chance to see my personality through TikTok. I just recently did a Chris Van Vliet podcast episode. I got a chance to myself and the response has been overwhelming. You know, I guess nobody ever saw this side of me. Yeah, I'm excited to show more of it in the future. There's a time and a place for a big Maharaja babyface run, so let's make it happen."

Mahal was released by WWE on April 19 along with several other talents. There is already heavy interest in Mahal from the independent wrestling scene, with GCW reportedly "foaming at the mouth" over the prospect of booking the former WWE Champion. 

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