John Cena Says Theory Has "Far More Talent, Strength, And Gifts" Than He Ever Did

John Cena sees potential in Theory

John Cena has lavished Theory with praise during a recent Twitter exchange.

After Theory posted a video of him being mean to a child in a Cena t-shirt and tweeted, "Happy Birthday @JohnCena! Sorry I'm a better U.S Champ than you," Cena replied admitting that the new United States Champion has "far more talent, strength, and gifts" than he ever did. 

"Everyone understands that you have far more talent, strength, and gifts than I ever had. Don't apologize for that. Ever. An apology should come 20 years from now if you fail to provide the EFFORT needed to turn your potential into your legacy. I hope that day never comes," Cena wrote back.

Cena's reply did put some pressure on Theory, though, and some have speculated they could go one-on-one when the 16-time world champion next returns to WWE. 

WWE higher-ups also think there are similarities between Cena and Theory and Vince McMahon reportedly sees his protege as a young version of the Peacemaker star. 

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