John Cena To Debut New Finisher In China Next Month

Finally! A 6th move of doom...

John Cena took to Twitter recently to announce that he would be returning to the WWE soon and would also bring with him a brand new finisher. The 16-time World Champion will be returning to a WWE ring on September 1 at a WWE live event in Shanghai, China.

The company posted a video on their YouTube channel interviewing the leader of the Cenation about his return. Cena, who has been training in Hong Kong at the JC Stunt Team International Training Center, revealed that his new finisher is inspired by Chinese culture.


"The WWE Universe knows as the Superstars become smarter and smarter, and I have more and more matches, I have reworked Attitude Adjustment just about every way I can," said Cena. "It used to be about 100% with its batting average and now it’s about 50%, maybe less.

"So not only is this a new manoeuvre that has a true foundation in the Chinese culture which I am very proud of because I would love to pay respect to my experience here but it’s also extremely powerful."

"There is talk of a September 1 event in Shanghai and I couldn’t think of a better way to show my appreciation for China, Chinese people, and Chinese culture than to debut what I think is a finishing move that will provide me victory in Shanghai on September 1."

Cena returning to the ring in September presumably means he will miss SummerSlam, and if he actually does miss the Biggest Event of the Summer, it would be the first time in 15 years!

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